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Blog - Bicycle Trunk Designs

American Star Bicycle Trunk Designs


Show your patriotism and pride with our American Star bicycle trunk design. Onda has created a wide variety of bicycle trunk designs to suit any statement you want to make on your ride. Our hard shell trunks are molded from impact and weather resistant polymer. The keyed lock ensures whatever you bring with you is safely protected from weather and theft. Best of all, you can pop the trunk off easily and take it with you after you've parked your bike.

Ladybug Bicycle Trunk Designs

It's good luck when a ladybug lands on you so your fortunes are really going to soar if you've got the ladybug design on your Onda Edge™ hard shell bicycle trunk. This trunk uses a universal mounting bracket with aluminum side rails. It can be locked with a key so you can leave it on [...]

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Huge Selection of Bicycle Trunk Designs

We're created a wide variety of designs in our  Onda Edge™ hard shell bicycle trunk so our customers can take something infinitely practical and have a little fun with it. From colorful to classy, we think there's something for everyone. Plus it's a great way to identify your bike from a distance! Take a look at our [...]

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Make Sure to Check Out Our Bicycle Trunk Designs!

Stand out with the help of ondaride.com. Our bicycle trunk designs will offer that unique look you're searching for. Visit our website today to get started shopping!

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Contact Onda.com to Find Professional Bicycle Trunk Designs

Don't live with standard bicycle trunks! Contact onda.com today to find the resolution. Our bicycle trunk designs help you stand out from the crowd. Visit our site today to get started as quickly as possible.

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Experience Options with Our Bicycle Trunk Designs!

Everyone loves having choices. When working with Onda, you'll enjoy exactly that! Our bicycle trunk designs can provide completely customizable services to meet your needs. Visit us online today to find your free quote!

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Onda Has Your Widest Selection of Bicycle Trunk Designs

Who said bicycle trunks have to be boring? With Onda.com, that is not the case. Our cycle trunk designs offer you the option to persoalize your bicycle trunk at an affordable cost. Visit us online today without even leaving the couch! 

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