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Blog - Lockable Bicycle Trunks

Protect Your Purse and More with Lockable Bicycle Trunks


The beauty of commuting by bicycle isn't limited to enjoying the fresh air and sunlight in the morning. It's great for your fitness and saves money too. But where to put things you need to take with you safely? The Onda Edge lockable bicycle trunk features a keyed, push button lock to protect your purse, books, keys, lunch and whatever else you fit into it--you'll be surprised how much you can get in there--from weather and anything else that comes along.

Put Your Junk in Lockable Bicycle Trunks

How much junk can you put in this trunk? We've designed our best-selling Onda Edge locakable bicycle trunk to hold an amazing 1,100 cubic inches. They come in a variety of colors and patterns. You can lock and leave it on your bike, or quickly detach the trunk and take it with you. 

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Make a Fashion Statement with our Lockable Bicycle Trunks

There's just something about the Leopard Print version of our Onda Edge™ lockable bicycle trunk that says "Fall Style" to us. Maybe it's the darker colors. In any case no leopards were harmed to make this impact- and weather-resistant trunk, and with our optional Onda Run™ sling kit you can carry it with you for a real fashion [...]

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Purchase Our Lockable Bicycle Trunks to Enjoy that Peace of Mind

Enjoy peace of mind with the help of ondaride.com. We stock a variety of items including lockable bicycle trunks. Check out our website today to view a full list of inventory. 

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Enjoy Premium Lockable Bicycle Trunks from Our Online Superstore!

When looking for premium lockable bicycle trunks, we can help. Onda.com can supply you with a variety of equipment to keep your belongings safe. Have questions? Contact us today! 

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Purchase Our High Quality Lockable Bicycle Trunks to Bring on Your Next Adventure!

If you're an active and avid bike rider, cosider the purchase of lockable bicycle trunks. Onda.com can supply you with a high quality and affordable option to meet your needs. Don't hesitate to check out our website as soon as possible. 

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Trust the Best in the Business to Find Affordable and Lockable Bicycle Trunks

Don't allow your bicycle trunk to be hijacked! At Onda.com, you'll have the option to purchase reliable and lockable bicycle trunks to meet your needs. Give us a call today to find the answers to your questions.  

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